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Compatible with Windows 7



A Flashback:

Mosaic Windows 8 Edition ( Original released by Stealth2009, AngelWZR and Ludacris. And The Original Homepage is : http://www.mosaicproject.codeplex.com) is an application that brings the Windows 8 Metro UI to your desktop. It is a set of live widgets that shows some content from the web or from your PC.

Mosaic supports WPF, HTML5, and HTML widgets.
Currently some widgets are just link to something (e.g. desktop or control panel) but in future they could get more functions.
Mosaic is in alpha stage and can work unstable

System requirements:
- Windows 7
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (Client Profile enough but full is recommended for future versions)
- In future releases you may need the Microsoft Zone software
Some tips:
- To open Mosaic menu move mouse cursor to the right border of screen and click. This could not work if your taskbar placed on the right or left or you have more than one monitor.
- To add widgets open Mosaic menu click on the Widgets icon and choose widget
- To remove widget click on widget icon in Widgets menu again
- By default widgets are shown over your windows and can be covered by them. There is fullscreen mode in the Mosaic options which makes Mosaic to cover whole screen
- You can drag screen to the left in fullscreen mode
- If your widgets covered by windows just click on the right border of screen and then on the start button and they will quickly bring to front
- Some widgets has options which can be accessed through context menu
- If widgets animation annoys you, you can disable it in Mosaic options
- "Me" widget shows your avatar from Windows. You can change it by dragging any picture to it
- Pictures widget shows images from Pictures library in Windows 7
- Music widget shows album art that it found in Music library in Windows 7 (*.jpg files)
- You can change Mosaic background color in options hub

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